Crazy Jodie


The scene switches quickly, back and forth, between three locations.

The dishes are done. JERRY and JODIE sit in the living room. JODIE, still manic, rattles on.

BUBBIE sits in her room beside CLEMMIE. CLEMMIE holds her while she continues to talk.

CHARLIE and SANDY stand at a pay phone. CHARLIE talks to their daughter, Lori.

In the living room, as JODIE spews forth, JERRY is hardly listening

JODIE: Every time I think about her life and what she must have gone through it nearly breaks my heart. Can you imagine? To live through that when you’re twelve years old and barely escape with your life and never go back home again? No wonder she’s flipping out. Anybody would. It’s probably lucky it never happened before now. Do people that age commit suicide? I doubt it. Then again, maybe they do and nobody ever says anything about it. Maybe it’s okay, for them. Maybe tomorrow the doctor can give her some tranquilizers or something that will bring her back to normal. Maybe it’s a one time thing. Or maybe the excitement of the anniversary got to her and she’ll be fine tomorrow.

Enter BETH.

JERRY: How is she?

BETH: Not so well. She’s still repeating it, still shivering. Clemmie’s helping. Dr. Larks says she’s better off here than the emergency room. He’ll see her in the morning.

She sits down. Referring to JODIE…

How’s she doing?

JERRY: Not so hot.

JODIE: I’m fine.

BETH: Sure you are. You’re going to see Dr. Byers, tomorrow.

JODIE: I don’t need that. He’ll put me in the hospital again.

At the phone, CHARLIE speaks to Lori.

CHARLIE: Lori, we’re coming home early. We’ll pick you up at the Reison’s. Look for us about noon.

In the living room…

BETH: He won’t put you in the hospital. He’ll check your blood levels.

At the phone…

CHARLIE: No, I’m afraid you can’t.

In the living room…

JODIE: I don’t need that stress right now.

JERRY: Neither do we.

In BUBBIE’S room

BUBBIE: It’s too late to leave!

At the phone…

CHARLIE: Well, then you can go back to Shelly’s house later, before the movie.

In the living room…

JODIE: I’m not going!

BETH: Yes you are. You need to get stabilized.

In BUBBIE’s room

BUBBIE: It’s too late!

At the phone

CHARLIE: Because we want to see you. We want you to come home first.

In the living room

JODIE: I won’t go. You’ll have to have me committed.

BETH: Fine.

At the phone

CHARLIE: I’m sorry, Lori, but you will come home!

In the living room, BETH and JERRY approach JODIE.

JODIE: Ma, don’t be silly. You know I don’t need that.

BETH: You do.

In BUBBIE’s room

BUBBIE: They’ll kill us!

At the phone. Angry.

CHARLIE: No, I don’t have to explain.

In the living room

JODIE: Ma, you’re joking.

They move closer.

In BUBBIE’s room

BUBBIE: We can’t escape!

At the phone

CHARLIE: Lori, instead of arguing, we’ll have a discussion – when we get home. And then you can go to the movie.

In the living room

JERRY: Take her arms. I’ll get the legs.

At the phone

CHARLIE: Lori, don’t you want to see us?

In Bubbie’s room


in the living room

JODIE: Dad! Ma! Don’t!

She begins to sob as they take hold of her.

Please don’t.

At the phone, SANDY takes control

SANDY: Give me the phone.

CHARLIE gives the phone to his wife.

SANDY cont.

So, what are your plans?

In BUBBIE’s room

BUBBIE: Wait for them to go and run!

In the living room

JODIE: I’ll kill myself if you do this. This time I’ll really do it.

BETH: They won’t let you.

At the phone

SANDY: That’s fine. Call me in the morning and I’ll come pick you up.

In BUBBIES’s room

BUBBIE: Please, God, stop the revolution!

In the living room

JODIE: I’ll find a way. If not there, after I get out.

At the phone

SANDY: Oh, well, it was interesting. I’ll tell you about it. Bye.


She’s spending the night. They’ve got plans. She’s fine.

In the living room

BETH: Precisely why you have to go.

JODIE: No, ma! I will. I really will!

They lift her and drag her out

Stop it! No!

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  1. Sam ,

    I am , Aron Rao (42) , (male) working as a teacher at school in India . I came to see your wonderful play on this web . I am very happy to receive this play .

    Thank you
    yours sincerely ,
    Aron Rao. D.
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  2. Can you please grant me permission to enact this play in my class?And is the play CRAZY JODIE only half?If not can you please suggest me some plays in which there are 6-7 characters

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