Crazy Jodie


The living room. Several hours later. All is quiet. Enter BETH and JERRY. They’re exhausted.

JERRY: Worst yet, if you ask me.

BETH: You’re memory’s not so good. It wasn’t as bad as last time. Anyway, it’s done.

JERRY: It’s always bad.

BETH: Her judgment: it’s improving, a little. I’m talking about after we got her there. You think?


BETH: She’s more familiar with the routine. But I guess it doesn’t help much.

JERRY: Did you see the stars outside? It’s a clear night.

BETH: What’s happened to my life?

He doesn’t hear her.

JERRY: You saw the stars, didn’t you?

BETH: I think it’s a ruined life.

JERRY: What?

BETH: I can’t believe I’ve let it happen. I gave it to you, and now it’s gone.

JERRY: Please, Beth. We’ve gotten through this before.

BETH: I’m not talking about Jodie.

JERRY: Of course you are. Too many stresses. Your mother…we’ll just have to see what the doctor says.

BETH: I’ll check on her in a minute. I’m talking about what you did.

JERRY: And Charlie. This was an icebreaker. He’ll be back. Everything will be all right.

BETH: I’m talking about Charlie, either. You.

JERRY: Did what?

BETH: My father was an intelligent, talented man. He sacrificed everything for me.

JERRY: And you did okay.

BETH: No I didn’t. He was disappointed. I’ll bet it shortened his life by fifteen years.

JERRY: Don’t be ridiculous. He was proud of you.

BETH: He wanted more. He didn’t want me to stay in this town forever. He just stopped here by accident himself. I was an honor student.

JERRY: You still are.

BETH: I’m through with families. I want to go off somewhere.

JERRY: Who says you can’t?

BETH: I’m too old now.

JERRY: Anybody can go anywhere. You know that. You’ve told me that.

BETH: No, I’m starting to see what caused all this. This home broke a long time ago, and we never repaired it. It’s too late.

JERRY: Listen, this genetic thing of hers came from your side of the family. I didn’t know that before and neither did you. But we’ve done our best.

BETH: Jodie is not a gene.

JERRY: You know what I mean. My family is normal. I’ve done everything I can for her, and I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.


JERRY: I never expected it to turn out this way. At my age, I shouldn’t be taking care of a forty-fiveyear old child – but I will.

BETH: We’ve done a bad job.

JERRY: We’ve done a good job. We took her to the hospital in time, didn’t we?

BETH: We don’t know, really, if it was going to get out of hand.

JERRY: We both know where it was headed.

BETH: We can’t be sure.

JERRY: I’m sure.

BETH: She might have been fine. Maybe she could have helped me with mother in the morning.

JERRY: She would have made it worse. We would be listening to her right now. Neither of us would have gotten a minute’s sleep. This way, Jodie’s better off, and Clemmie can help.

BETH: Clemmie’s not going to live forever.

JERRY: Your mother’s not going to live forever.

BETH sits down. She relaxes, exhausted. She closes her eyes.

BETH: Jerry, tell me the story.

JERRY: The story?

BETH: Yeah. You always tell it to Jodie. Tell it to me.

JERRY: The same as with her?

BETH: Please, Jerry.

JERRY: Well. I think, if I recall, there were no clouds in the sky. Or, if there were, they began to clear. We were on Highway 912, between Elbeeton and Rakefield, doing fifty-five in a forty-five – and there wasn’t another damn car on the road. You said, “You think we ought to turn back?” And I said, “After that scene with your father? Turn back to where?” And you said, “Good point.” So we kept going.

BETH: And where did we go?

JERRY: You know where we went.

BETH: Where?

JERRY: Well, we went…here.


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  1. Sam ,

    I am , Aron Rao (42) , (male) working as a teacher at school in India . I came to see your wonderful play on this web . I am very happy to receive this play .

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  2. Can you please grant me permission to enact this play in my class?And is the play CRAZY JODIE only half?If not can you please suggest me some plays in which there are 6-7 characters

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