Crazy Jodie


Some time has passed. They sit and wait, very subdued: JERRY, BETH, JODIE, CHARLIE, and SANDY.

JERRY: I still don’t get it. Let’s eat.


BETH: Is something burned? Is there a problem in there?

JODIE: No, it’s fine. But we need to wait a few more minutes.

BETH: What are we waiting for?

JODIE: They’ll be here.

JERRY: Who, God dammit. Who will be here?

JODIE: Charlie, you tell them.


CHARLIE: Jodie’s got a surprise.

SANDY: A surprise?

BETH: What surprise?

JERRY: Lord. Another surprise.

CHARLIE: She’s invited some guests.

BETH: Guests? Who?

JODIE: Over a hundred people, Ma. Your college friends. All the people from the store.

JERRY: People from the store? They’re coming here tonight?

JODIE: All of them.

BETH: How do you know that?

JODIE: I invited them.

BETH: How did you invite them?

JODIE: I sent out invitations!

BETH: Are you sure they’re coming?

JODIE: Why wouldn’t they?

JERRY: Because we never see those people anymore. What time are they supposed to be here?

JODIE: Five.

JERRY: That’s two hours ago. They aren’t coming.

JODIE: They are! So are your cousins, Dad.

JERRY: My cousins? Not Michelle and George?

JODIE: They are.

JERRY: Not a chance.

BETH is fearful, careful, as she grasps the situation.

BETH: Jodie. People are busy these days.

JODIE: There are lots of people coming. Cover dish!

JERRY tries to ignore the sense of doom, hoping he can divert the explosion.

JERRY: Let’s go ahead and eat.

JODIE: We can’t before they get here.

JERRY: They must not be as hungry as we are. We’ll start without them and they can join in.

CHARLIE: There’s an idea. The lucky ones are here. Whoever doesn’t show up loses out.

JODIE: screaming

No! The party has not begun! A hundred guests are coming! With entertainment!

BETH: Jodie, darling.

JODIE: This is supposed to be a celebration.

BETH: And it is.

JODIE: It is not! I mean a celebration for the whole community. A celebration of your lives, living here for fifty years!


The town has changed.

BETH: It has, Jodie. It’s not the same. We’re not so much a part of it anymore.

JODIE: You’re a big part.

JERRY: We aren’t a part of anything. People barely know we’re alive.

JODIE: You are! You had a business. You touched people’s lives! Gave them jobs! Why can’t they come to an anniversary party and show some appreciation!

JERRY: It’s been ten years. We knew those people when we were younger.

BETH: A lot of them have moved, Jodie. People…don’t go out at night anymore. They get sick. They forget. They get involved in other things.

JERRY: A lot of them are dead.

JODIE: Michelle and George aren’t dead.

JERRY: They aren’t coming here. They haven’t been here in years. They can’t drive this far.

JODIE: They never told me that.

JERRY: Did you talk with them? Did they tell you they were coming?


JERRY: Then what makes you think they are?

JODIE: I sent them the invitation. Why wouldn’t they?

JERRY: They’re not. They wouldn’t arrange a trip like that without telling us about it. I talked with Michelle on the phone yesterday.


That’s why she wished me a happy anniversary. I was surprised she knew the date.

JODIE: It was going to be a surprise.

JERRY: Yeah. For you.

BETH: Jerry, please.

JODIE: These people are not dead! They’re mean! They’re ungrateful! They’re a bunch of back-stabbers!

BETH: Jodie, your brother’s here with his wife. You’ve fixed dinner. We don’t need more guests to make this special. We can have a nice time. Why don’t you go get Bubbie and Clemmie and we’ll eat?


JODIE: It’s your fault! You wrecked this family and now nobody wants to be around us!

JERRY: Jodie, stop. Let’s get the dinner.

JODIE: And the dinner’s ruined, too! Now that we’ve waited this long the roast is well done! There was no way to help it.

JERRY: So what? Maybe it is.

JODIE: attacking CHARLIE

You blow out of here and ruin your mother’s life, your father’s life, my life! And now you come back for a party and think it will be the same as when you left! Are you crazy? That’s why nobody came to this! Because they knew you were coming!

BETH: Charlie, go talk to your grandmother.

CHARLIE: It’s okay, Ma. Maybe she needs to say these things.

BETH: No, she doesn’t. Go.

CHARLIE: Ma, I don’t mind. If Jodie needs to get a few things out, we can go from there.

BETH: I said that wasn’t the case.

CHARLIE: How can you be sure?

SANDY: Charlie, your mother probably knows what she’s talking about.


BETH: Jodie.

angry, unresponsive


JODIE: after a moment

It’s his fault.

BETH: Jodie. Listen to me.

JODIE: I’m listening!

BETH: Jodie. Look at me.

She turns.


No response. Jodie looks away.


JODIE: What!

BETH: Have you been taking your medicine?

JODIE: I don’t know!

BETH: Jodie.

no response

Jodie. Have you?

JODIE: Who cares?

BETH: angry

You can’t stop taking it.

JODIE: I can if I want to!

BETH: And you’ll end up like this.

JODIE: Maybe this is the way I like to be! I’m being honest! Somebody around here needs to be honest. That medicine does more harm than good. Can’t you tell? It makes me stupid. It makes me a zombie. Or maybe you like it when I’m a zombie! Is that what you like?

BETH: You need to take it now.

JODIE: It doesn’t work that way. Remember?

BETH: I know it doesn’t work that way. But take it anyway. We’ll try to get through dinner.

JODIE: I don’t want to get through dinner!

BETH: shouting

I said take it!

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  1. Sam ,

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  2. Can you please grant me permission to enact this play in my class?And is the play CRAZY JODIE only half?If not can you please suggest me some plays in which there are 6-7 characters

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