Crazy Jodie



BUBBIE: She’s your wife?

CHARLIE: Yes, Bubbie. Sandy.

BUBBIE: She’s a Jewish girl.

SANDY: Well, really, I’m not.

BUBBIE doesn’t appear to hear this.

CHARLIE: She’s not Jewish, Bubbie.

BUBBIE: Of course she is.

SANDY: explaining

Our daughter is learning all about being Jewish.

BUBBIE: Of course she’s is.

CHARLIE: She goes along with everything…

BUBBIE: Why wouldn’t she?

CLEMMIE: She doesn’t look it.

BUBBIE: Sure she does.

CLEMMIE: Everybody looks Jewish to you.

BUBBIE: Why such a fuss? A Jew is a Jew. I am so tired.

She closes her eyes. A moment later, she opens them.

CHARLIE scratches his nose.

Stop that nose scratching. You’ll ruin it. You’ll have scars.

CHARLIE: You told me that when I was a kid and I still don’t have scars.

BUBBIE: You used to scratch your nose so hard it’s a wonder you didn’t break it off.

CHARLIE: I never did.

BUBBIE: Why do you do it?

CHARLIE: It’s a habit. I don’t do it that much.

BUBBIE: You used to dig your nail into it. I’m surprised it doesn’t bleed.

CHARLIE: I’ve never drawn any blood. I don’t use my nail.

BUBBIE: Then why take the chance? I’ll give you a dollar if you stop.

CHARLIE: Okay, I’ve stopped.

BUBBIE: Here’s your dollar.

CHARLIE: I don’t need it. I’ve stopped scratching.

BUBBIE: Take it. Please, before you get scars.


He accepts another dollar.

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  1. Sam ,

    I am , Aron Rao (42) , (male) working as a teacher at school in India . I came to see your wonderful play on this web . I am very happy to receive this play .

    Thank you
    yours sincerely ,
    Aron Rao. D.
    mobile : +91-9492471625

  2. Can you please grant me permission to enact this play in my class?And is the play CRAZY JODIE only half?If not can you please suggest me some plays in which there are 6-7 characters

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