Crazy Jodie


In the living room, JODIE has calmed down, but she’s sobbing. BETH and JERRY speak softly to her, trying to console her.

JERRY: We were on Highway 912, between Elbeeton and Rakefield, doing fifty-five in a forty-five – and there wasn’t another damn car on the road. Your mother, said “You think we ought to turn back?” And I said, “Not a chance.”

BETH: It was very romantic.

JODIE: Your father introduced you to each other. He picked you out of a crowd.

JERRY: And we’ve always had a great little secret.

JODIE: Compromise.

BETH: That’s right, dear.

JODIE: And more people should learn it.

JERRY: That’s right. They should.


BETH: What, dear?

JODIE: Please make Charlie leave.

long pause

Please. I hate it when he’s here.


JODIE: I want him to leave.

BETH: Sorry, dear.


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  1. Sam ,

    I am , Aron Rao (42) , (male) working as a teacher at school in India . I came to see your wonderful play on this web . I am very happy to receive this play .

    Thank you
    yours sincerely ,
    Aron Rao. D.
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  2. Can you please grant me permission to enact this play in my class?And is the play CRAZY JODIE only half?If not can you please suggest me some plays in which there are 6-7 characters

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