Kiwi Child (one act play)

Kiwi Child. Copyright 2003. Samuel M. Post

Kiwi Child is also a film.

Note: If you’d like to produce this play, on stage or in a class, that would be a thrill for me and hopefully a fun time for all involved. However, a modest but fair royalty is in order. Please email me and we can discuss this.

Wrote this as a full-length play (2 acts). Never got the play produced and then turned Act 1 into a screenplay and made a 30 minute film — my first (and one of the few). A few years later, Theatre Charlotte produced the play (the second act being long gone), as part of their Nouveau Series.

Corey Mitchell directed a wonderful production with some excellent young actors. I don’t remember their names, but I’m absolutely certain they are all doing bang-up jobs in theatre somewhere right now. Sarah Drinkard, who I’ve known forever (taught her tennis when she was in 3rd grade, and then had her in class in middle school) played Jenna in the film. She played Nina in the play. I enjoyed watching Beth Porter, who had played Nina in the film, watch the play (she was in the audience).

NINA age 20, works as a checker in a grocery store
JENNA age 20, works with NINA as a checker
WILLIAM age 21, JENNA’S brother
CHERYL 20, WILLIAM’s ex-girlfriend
CHARLES mid to late twenties, WILLIAM’s friend

JENNA’S front porch.

Late afternoon. NINA and JENNA sit in on the front porch at JENNA’S house. They wear the same clothes: their uniforms from the grocery store. NINA wears a gray toboggan.

NINA: Listen, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.

JENNA: What?

NINA: Don’t get pissed, okay?

JENNA: What is it?

NINA: Do you have my hat?

JENNA: What hat?

NINA: My toboggan.

JENNA: I have your toboggan?

NINA: You borrowed it from me.

JENNA: I borrowed your toboggan?

NINA: Yeah. About a month ago. It’s green.

JENNA: Oh, the green — yeah — that’s yours?

NINA: I’d like to have it back. I loaned it to you.

JENNA: I’ve still got it.

NINA: Could I have it?


NINA: Yeah.

JENNA: I’ll give it back.

NINA: I want it. I’m going out tonight. I might wear it.

JENNA: You think I wanna steal your hat?

NINA: I just want it. I wouldn’t mind wearing it.

JENNA: I’ll bring it to work tomorrow.

NINA: Could I have it now?

JENNA: It’s just a toboggan.

NINA: You know how I feel about toboggans.

JENNA: You wear em a lot.

NINA: They’re my trademark.

JENNA: So? Why?

NINA: Cause they are — so can I have that one back?

JENNA: You’ve got about fifty of em.

NINA: Not that many. I want that one. I like it!

JENNA: How can you be this way about a stupid hat?

NINA: Because it’s mine!

JENNA: It’s inside. I’ll have to look for it.

NINA: That’s okay with me.

JENNA: (mocking, perhaps) That’s okay with you.

NINA: Do you mind? I paid for it myself. My parents don’t give me money like yours do.

JENNA: It’ll take me a minute.

NINA: I’ll wait as long as it takes — if I can get my hat.

JENNA: It’s in my Mom’s room.

NINA: So go in there and get it.

JENNA: She could be asleep.

NINA: Now? In the middle of the afternoon?

JENNA: She could be.

NINA: Can’t you tiptoe in and get it?

JENNA: I can try.

NINA: Then try.

JENNA: Fine!

Jenna rises, irritated, and begins to enter her house. NINA grabs her pocketbook and follows. JENNA hesitates.

JENNA: You’re coming?

NINA: You want me to wait out here?

Reluctantly, Jenna lets her in.

JENNA: Okay. C’mon.

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