Kiwi Child (one act play)

CHERY’S house. A bit of time has elapsed — enough time for Jenna to get to CHERY’S house.

The action now alternates between the two locations.

CHERYL wears the green toboggan.

JENNA: It’s not your hat.

CHERYL: He gave it to me.

JENNA: It wasn’t his.

CHERYL: He said he gave it to me.

JENNA: He shouldn’t have said that. I need it back.

CHERYL: It’s not yours.

JENNA: Nina loaned it to me.

CHERYL: You’re so sure about this, but isn’t that just your opinion? In my opinion, William gave it to me –and it’s mine.

CHERYL takes off the hat and inspects it affectionately. JENNA moves toward her and stretches her hand for the hat, stopping just short of actually seizing it.

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