Kiwi Child (one act play)

JENNA’S house.

William lies down on the couch and stretches out, his back to Nina.

WILLIAM: Jenna’s a pain.

NINA: Sometimes.

WILLIAM: Come on! She is! She took your hat.

NINA: You gave it to your girlfriend.

WILLIAM: She’s not my girlfriend. She doesn’t care. She’ll give it back. But Jenna? She’s a brat. Isn’t she? Tell the truth.

NINA: I’ll tell you, I hardly know her.

WILLIAM: You hang out together.

NINA: We work at the same store.

WILLIAM: You gave her a ride home.

NINA: So what!

WILLIAM: You went to the coffee shop with her. Last weekend. To hear that crappy band.

NINA: She told you about that?

WILLIAM: I was there.

NINA: That’s where I saw you.

WILLIAM: Uh huh. See? She’s your friend.

NINA: Big deal if she is. But she’s not.

WILLIAM: Have you noticed how stupid she is?

NINA: I really haven’t.

WILLIAM: Did you notice that she’s crazy?


WILLIAM: She is.

NINA: Jesus! At least she’s going to get it. She’s making an effort.

WILLIAM: Why are you working at that dumb grocery store?

NINA: I’m very intelligent. I went to college for a year but my parents got a divorce.

WILLIAM: So did mine.

NINA: Mine broke up while I was there and I couldn’t go back.

WILLIAM: You expect me to feel sorry for you?


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