Kiwi Child (one act play)

JENNA’S house.

Jenna pleads for the hat.

JENNA: I know where it really came from and you don’t.

CHERYL pulls it toward herself, protecting the possession.

CHERYL: I know where I got it.

JENNA: Just give me the hat.

CHERYL: I can’t do that.

JENNA: Why not!

CHERYL: Because I’ve got it, and I want it. That’s it.

JENNA: It’s a stupid, cheap toboggan that belongs to somebody else. Now give it to me so I can give it back.

CHERYL: It’s a gift from someone special.

JENNA: William?

CHERYL: Yeah, William.

JENNA: (skeptical) He’s a freak.

CHERYL: I’ve got the hat.

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