Kiwi Child (one act play)


JENNA’S house.

William reclines and looks at the ceiling.

WILLIAM: Can’t you get financial aid?

NINA: I did that, and right before I signed the paper last semester, I decided not to sign it.

WILLIAM: Bush sucks.

NINA: Why? He’s the only president we’ve got.


NINA: Yeah — why — Mr. Genius? I don’t think he’s all that great, but he’s not sitting around in his pajamas all day.

WILLIAM: Did we have terrorists crawling up our butts when Clinton was president?

NINA: Yeah, we did.

WILLIAM: Didn’t seem like it.

NINA: They were there.

WILLIAM: Were we running off to fight a war every five minutes? Checking to see if it’s code orange? Watching people on TV get blown to bits? Was everybody walking around without a job?

NINA: I’ve got a job.

WILLIAM: You call that a job?

NINA: Yeah! It is a job.

He sits up and faces her.

WILLIAM: Standing there swiping groceries all day?

NINA: They give me a paycheck.

WILLIAM: He’s the worst president we’ve ever had.

NINA: For your information, I plan to go to nursing school.

WILLIAM: Nursing! You were afraid to pull a piece of glass out of my foot.

NINA: I don’t know you.

WILLIAM: Nurses do more than that, and they don’t know the people.

NINA: It’s their job.

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