Kiwi Child (one act play)

CHERYL’S house.

Desperate, Jenna provokes her.

JENNA: You told me to come on over and you’d give it to me. Now give it to me.

CHERYL: I started thinking about it.

JENNA: All of a sudden you liked it more?

CHERYL: It has sentimental value. I also started thinking about you. You’ve always been a snob — you know that?

JENNA: Wait a minute!

CHERYL: I know you’ve had it rough, with your creepy mother…and your whole attitude probably started because of her…but there comes a time when you’ve got to just take a look at yourself and decide. I think you want to be a bitch. You’re not getting it.

JENNA: What’s going on? I always liked you fine. I always thought you were really, really nice.


JENNA: I’ve always been nice.

CHERYL: You’ve been a big snob, ever since I don’t know when.

JENNA: You were never like this in school.

CHERYL: I wasn’t like anything in school. And if I had been — you would have run around and told every one of your snobby friends. Who are you gonna tell about this? Huh? The other checkers at the grocery store? You gonna run tell them about me? I’ll bet they really care. We’re not in high school now, Jenna. When I think back — you had friends, just ‘cause you were born here. But you were never friendly. You know that? You remember that?

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