Kiwi Child (one act play)

JENNA’S house.

WILLIAM: I was gonna be a lawyer.

NINA: That’s a joke.

WILLIAM: I have a keen sense of justice.

NINA: You don’t know anything about justice.

WILLIAM: It’s all around. Since I know that, I would have been different. Most lawyers get in the pit and fight to the death. Then — out pops justice. (mischievous) So they think.

NINA: That is not what lawyers do.

WILLIAM: I bagged the idea after my first year. It wasn’t my karma.

NINA: Your karma was to sleep all day.

WILLIAM: Actually, I waited until my second year before I started sleeping all day. I had a perfect GPA both years.

NINA: No way.

WILLIAM: 4.0 my first year. Zero my second. Perfect both times.

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