Kiwi Child (one act play)

CHERYL’S house.

JENNA: We didn’t know you.

CHERYL: Because I wasn’t a real person, since I wasn’t born in “Gullet” — like you. That’s what matters in this town. I moved here, remember? God, I hated that school. William was the only nice person there.

CHERYL becomes distraught, beginning to break down.

CHERYL: I’ll give it to William. If he asks. Not to you.

JENNA: He said he’s not going to talk to you anymore.

CHERYL: Then it’s mine.

JENNA: Keep the stupid toboggan, okay! Keep it.

CHERYL: I’m going to.

Losing her cool.

JENNA: We weren’t snobs, Cheryl. It wasn’t ‘cause you weren’t born here. It was ‘cause you’re in your own weird world and nobody wants to be around you! You know that? It wasn’t me. It was you! Nobody wants to be around you!

CHERYL weeps.

CHERYL: William did.

JENNA: Well he doesn’t now!

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