Almost there

Okay, there are 74 minutes to go in this decade.

I’ve walked 9,837 steps today — the last day of the year.

That means if I go to the kitchen for another glass of wine, I’ll have my 10k, every day, for a year.

Thought I’d blog this first, with 163 steps to go.  More suspense.  And I’m going out and won’t feel like blogging when I return, in 2010.

April evening

Catawba students playing lacrosse

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On my left, lacrosse in the football stadium.

Listening to Leonard Cohen.

Taught Jackie (my dog) to get out of the road and obey the command “on the grass.” She’s four or five years old. Still learns fast. She’ll happily do almost anything for a pat on the head and kind word or two.