busting my ass

Just took a great walk this afternoon — getting in my 10k steps on a snowy day.

Before I left, I put several logs on the fire so that it would be simmering nicely upon return.

catawba snow
Catawba College, snow

I had already been outside a good bit, and my feet — covered by a pair of thin socks and damp tennis shoes — were wet and cold. So I transformed that situation by putting on two pair of thicker socks. All was good.

The snowflakes were large and steady, and it was all very beautiful.

I had the idea it would be nice to take a little detour, off the sidewalks, and onto a little road that goes through a section of woods — a particularly pretty street that I enjoy quite often.

Except in order to get there, I walked across the parking lot next to the Catawba College football stadium — and this is where I fell and busted my ass.

Luckily, I landed on the most padded part of my body. I noticed a bit of general pain from head to buttocks, but mostly I hurt my pride, not body.

After retrieving my hat and getting up, I headed home, feeling much like an old fool and thinking I would finished the remaining 3,000 steps in the mall.

However, before taking off my coat, I called the mall and nobody answered the phone.  A couple of inches of snow had rendered it closed.

In fact, many things are closed. The banks closed. I arranged to meet someone at the local coffee shop, and it was closed.

“Better get back on the horse,” I said to my wife — and I re-entered the snowy outside and finished my steps, sticking to the sidewalk.

A few thoughts:  When snow and ice is involved, stick to the sidewalk or road or path. Avoid parking lots. Walk while God is busy — during the most active part of the snowfall. Before the walk, bring in lots of wood.

I occurs to me that “busting one’s ass” can have two completely opposite meanings.

Working hard, studying hard, getting a lot done, creating something amazing.  When you “bust your ass” in order to do these things, it’s good.

But walking on a slick parking lot, going down, and actually busting your ass, is — momentarily, at least — more of a negative experience.