if you could hear what I hear

if you could hear what I hear
the breathing and warm yellow
the light and heat and mix of air
the soft sound between the breaths

then I could hear what you hear
the lying close and touch of night
the falling whistle of the log
the light and rumble and old coat of life

and if you could hear all this and me
then we could measure space
between these breaths
and make a half a whole and all we hear

Why I love yoga

I know that volumes have been written, courses taught, and degrees and certifications awarded — but here are a few simple reasons why I love yoga.

1. I love breathing.
2. I love stretching.
3. I love doing stuff when it’s quiet, with my eyes closed.
3. I like standing on my head (and love the energy I get from standing on my head).
4. I like the feeling of being lubricated, so I can reach for stuff and turn my head, when i need to, while driving.
6. I like being able to go up and down stairs easily.
7. I love peace.
8. I like being prepared to meditate.
9. Love the vibes.
10. I love something else about it that can’t be put into words.