Breaking Bad, Enough Said

I just looked up Breaking Bad on Wikipedia.

I heard about it, for the first time, a couple of weeks ago. Somebody asked me if I had seen it and I thought it was a movie, possibly an HBO series.

Since then I’ve seen it on Facebook constantly and on all the news sites.

I know… the series finale was tonight.

I was shocked to see, on Wikipedia, that it started in 2008!

That’s a long time to be completely out of it. Has it been this popular all this time?

Breaking Bad must be *@*&ing good.

I guess that’s what Netflix is for.

I just recently started watching 30 Rock and am making my way through the series on Netflix. Enjoying it very much. I never saw a single episode on regular TV.

I guess this is just to say that I don’t watch much TV anymore. I get hooked during elections and wars — but for me, TV has become a place to get bits of current news. Something to turn on when I take a break for 15 minutes and grab a snack.

For dramatic entertainment, I go online — or to the movies (still my favorite).

Last night, we saw “Enough Said.” It’s odd. Good. Not as good as the reviews say it is. But good. It’s a fun but unsettling film. I enjoyed seeing Julia Louis Dreyfus. Like most people, I was a huge Seinfeld fan. Unlike most people, I haven’t seen her in anything since then.

All the characters in “Enough Said” (except one, the daughter) suffer a certain syndrome that has them making big complaints little things done by people they most love. That may be A LOT LIKE REAL LIFE, but it’s not that dramatic.

In fact, I found the movie a little upsetting. Not because the world doesn’t come back together in the end — but because the bomb that blows it up in the middle needs a slightly better aim and a bit more explosion.