Yuck! Fat free half and half!

Tonight, I had a cup of coffee with fat free half and half.  Couldn’t drink it.

What’s the point of fat free half and half?  Wouldn’t fat free milk do the trick?

Isn’t this misleading?  The essence of half and half is in the name itself:  half milk and half cream.

The reason for using half and half is for the cream.  Cream contains fat.  I know it’s not the healthiest food in the world, but my coffee is worth a splash or two anyway.  It tastes good.

Even a bad cup of coffee can taste pretty good with enough half and half.

Fat free half and half is not half anything.  There are no halves.  In other words, it’s not half and half!

I’m guessing the ingredients in the fat free version are not so healthy either.

It should be called fat free coffee creamer — and come in a different looking box.