Purple, directed by Michael Kamel

In October, Michael Kamel, a young filmmaker, asked if he could use the script of my short play, “Purple,” for a short film.

I said sure, go for it. Michael is a freshman at George Mason University.

I get a fair number of requests such as this. They ALL warm my heart — and I mostly never hear about the project again.

Michael emailed me today, saying he’s been busy with “school, school, and more school.”

Yet, lo and behold, he actually made the film.

Today, sent me a link.

I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed. A lot of people make a lot of videos. And a lot of people talk about making films. Michael made a film. And he took care to do it well. He got more out of that script than I would have imagined.

The script…well, it’s fun and strange to look back and think what weird things were going on inside my head in 2007, when I wrote this.

The film… great work, Michael! I love it. You really know how to work with your actors. Thanks also to Jacob and Bri. I don’t know them, but I love them for breathing life into these characters. ­čÖé