some thinking about happiness

How much money does it take for an American to be happy?

About 60k per year doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it guarantees the possibility.

Will more than that buy more happiness? No.

Will less than that buy misery? Yes.

Will less and less money buy more and more misery? Yes.

This — according to behavioral economist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman.

Most of Kahneman fascinating Ted Talk deals with the “experiencing self” vs. the “remembering self.”  The discussion of money comes only at the very end, during the Q & A.

Here’s Mattieu Ricard, a Frenchman and Buddhist monk, on happiness.

Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

Will Smith:  Basketball scene from The Pursuit of Happyness:

Want to experience a moment of joy right now?

Why is positive so negative?

This is an awesome video.  Nic Marks, a statistician, gives a positive presentation.

It was just uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago.  I clicked “Like,” along with 41 other people.  Four people gave it a thumbs down.  However, the comments are overwhelmingly negative.  People calling him “an idiot” and “a commie.”  People assigning labels, in a negative context, of “collectivism” and “a new world order.”

That’s not what I was hearing at all.

This tells me that positive ideas offend some people mightily — and those offended people tend to express themselves rather loudly (if not coherently).

The question is, am I now joining the cynical club, negating the quality of this message by bringing attention to the crackpot responses?