The Lego Movie

I missed a lot of good movies this year.

Last Saturday night, having had the opportunity to see a movie for the first time in a while, I scanned the web, looking for something good.

I wanted to see 12 Years a Slave — and I will see it — but I had spent a lot of time in my car last week and didn’t feel like driving an hour each way — which is what that would have required.

None of the movies here in Salisbury interested me.

Except… I noticed… The Lego Movie was getting great reviews.

The last time I convinced Alicia to see a movie she didn’t think she would like — with me promising it was supposed to be so good she  would, she didn’t.

It took some talking to get her to go to The Lego Movie. It took something for me to go. I’ve never seen Toy Story, or any animated greats in the past several decades. But we had not been out for a while and she was willing to be a sport about it.

The Lego Movie is a great movie. It’s a lot of fun with lots of quick wit, and we both enjoyed it completely.

Even thought somebody thinks Everything is Awesome is a fascist song, I’m absolutely sure it’s not. And it’s catchy enough, and repeated enough, to ensure you will be singing it on the way out.