Les Mis — go see it

I love musicals and I love this movie. Go see it.

There are lots of reviews, plenty of conversations, tons of buzz. It just opened today — so there’s a lot more of that to come.

But just go. Leave the urge to critique at the door. Leave your head at the door.

Take your heart, a bit of sentimentality, the desire to be flat-out entertained.

Anne Hathaway’s performance of ‘Dreamed a Dream’ drew audible gasps from those sitting around me.

We have such need to analyze movies this good (the casting, the closeness with which it was shot, the incredibly long takes) but why not leave the analysis aside and enjoy it?

I saw the stage production, years ago. It was great — and it cost a lot of money to sit way the heck back and take turns using binoculars to see the actors’ faces. Plus the cost of parking (and possibly a babysitter).

I saw this film on row five and enjoyed an incredibly intimate, moving, musical experience.

It’s spectacular. For less than $10.