a child's letter

A student gave me a letter.
She said she did not write it,
but she did.

It said others

wrote things
she wrote
but got read

said things
she said
but got heard

hungered for things
she wanted
but got fed

ran the way
she ran
but scored

walked the way
she walked
but attracted glances

learned the things
she learned
but won.

But then
her letter taught me,
and theirs did not.

nice article

Elizabeth Cook, editor at The Salisbury Post, wrote her Sunday column about the beginning of the new school year, and the absence of my mother’s traditional back-to-school column.

In the column, she reprints a letter, written by a school principal about his son’s first day of school.

Mom quoted this letter each year, and Beffie is quoting Mom quoting the letter. It’s such a beautiful passage that it always chokes me up — as it does so many…

She also quotes one of my blog posts.  Thanks, Beffie.