rainbow over Mooresville

Today I drove to Mooresville, as I do each and every Tuesday — 52 weeks a year.

I drop off our paper — Coffee News — with Eric.  Eric delivers the papers for us there.  He’s been doing this for us faithfully for a few years — 52 weeks a year.

Often I’m busy.  Often Eric is busy.  So I drop the papers on his porch and boogie down the road.

But sometimes we have time to visit for a few minutes.  Today we did.

It’s always a pleasure.  Usually, like today, I yak too much.  Eric is a good listener.

I need to be a better listener.

Today, while I talked and we loaded papers, shortly before dusk, there was a soft rain falling.

He noticed a fairly impressive double rainbow.

He had to tell me about the rainbow three times.  I ran my mouth endlessly about my car repairs and it took a little repetition on his part before this registered.

I appreciate his persistence.  When he finally got my attention and I stopped talking and looked, it was worth a moment.

Sometimes I need a little help.  Thanks, Eric.

I pointed the iPhone and took a couple of pictures.

rainbow 1
rainbow over Mooresville
rainbow 2
rainbow over Mooresville 2
rainbow 3
rainbow over Mooresville 3

Peacock sighting

It was so close to the road. Dangerous.

I whizzed by, drove about half a mile, and then started to wonder if I could pull up beside the bird and take a quick picture out the car window.  That shouldn’t take much time.  If the peacock was still there.

It was.

I turned around and drove back.  This was Highway 801, heading from Mooresville to Salisbury.

When I got beside the peakock, it screamed and strutted a bit, and then started walking down the driveway, toward the house.  Much safer than the highway.