Sarah and Jackie Mudpie

It’s wonderful having Sarah home. Here’s a picture of her (taken without her permission or knowledge), asleep on our couch this morning with Jackie Mudpie.  They are very close.


If it weren’t for Sarah, we would not have Jackie.  We rescued this dog from a woman who had dozens, perhaps hundreds, of dogs.

We went there that day, looking for a puppy.  We had just lost Honey, our previous canine family member.

My father drove us there, with my two daughters.  We were disgusted by all of these dogs, the way they were being treated, and the crazy lady who begged us to “send help!”

The kids wanted to leave, and we decided to look elsewhere for a puppy.  We were leaving, when suddenly an armful of sweetness appeared in Sarah’s arms.

“Look at this one,” she said.

“Jackie!” screamed Emma.

“Mudpie!” shouted Sarah.

“Jackie Mudpie!” they said, together.

Thus, for the past five years we’ve had a great dog that answers to the name of Jackie Mudpie.