the makings of a great chicken wing advertising campaign

There are many platitudes about finding the good in the bad.  Silver linings.  Lemonade.  Yin and Yang.

It occurs to me that Italy Café could use this story to market their chicken wings.

Might I suggest an advertising campaign?

italy cafe
Italy Cafe

“A taste of our chicken wings is enough to make you commit armed robbery.”

I’m sure there are better ideas than that.  But, seriously, a full-blown advertising campaign, built around this story, could probably sell a lot of chicken wings.

After all, the perps weren’t just hungry.  They specifically wanted those chicken wings.  They must be pretty good wings.


robberySuppose there was chaos in the streets.  Burglary, robbery, murder.

People would want the government to step in.

Suppose one party said “we need to police this situation and get crime under control.”

And they spend a year developing a plan.

Meanwhile, the crime wave continues to grow.

The other party (who’s getting a huge kickback from the robbers) says, “We don’t want government intervention.  Let’s start over with the plan, and go slowly, step by step.”

The health insurance companies are the criminals, robbing Americans blind.

Welcome to health care reform in America.