it hurts a little

My daughter, Sarah, posted this on her Facebook today:

“It was sad saying goodbye to the family today in Charlotte. Now I’m safe back in the Banks. Hello old man winter, pleasure to see you again.”

When she says “the Banks,” she’s talking about Fairbanks, Alaska, where the average high in January is 0.  The average low is 19 below.  Average!

She’s hoping to be back in June for her sister’s graduation.

She’s happy living there.  We all had a wonderful visit.  Her trip home was safe.

But we had a quiet, very sad day here in Salisbury.


is a word
that means
(like wet in rain
or green in grass)
so little to me

(like flowers in blossom
or volcano in ash)
in every climate

is your color
(like purple in red
or brown in green)
of choice

is my food
(like juice in water
or bread in flour)
of choice

is heavy
(like a bird in feather
or a river in rock)
or light

we choose
(like happy in sad
or cry in laugh)
each moment