Sunday morning. Better than most.

Sunday morning.  Better than most.

For the first time in four and a half years, I don’t have to print 10,000 copies of Coffee News — tonight, and tomorrow, and tomorrow night…

My printing equipment, after 4.3 million copies, has bit the dust.  Rather than buy a new machine or continue calling — more and more frequently — for repairs, we’ve contracted with printer to do it.

It costs a little more, but there are several wonderful advantages to this:

• I have a weekend — for the first time in four and a half years
• I won’t have ink on my hands all the time (and sometimes in my eyes), a major source of aggravation
• The paper looks a lot better, which will probably result in more ad sales, which will pay for the extra cost
• I’ll have more time, which I’ll use to blog, and write other things (I thought I would mow the lawn, but am backing down on that one)
• I have a weekend…

10 things you can do during the Super Bowl (if you're not a football fan).


1. Go to the grocery store. It’s really empty and quiet.
2. Go to Walmart. It’s really empty and quiet.
3. Surf the web.  Every once in a while, check the score of the Super Bowl.
4. Watch blockbuster oldie movies on the other channels.
5 Take a long walk (weather permitting).
6. Exercise.
7. Work.
8. Eat.
9. Read.
10. Watch the Super Bowl.  The ads and half time show are good — and it’s a cultural event that you can be a part of.

Any other ideas?