Netflix instant download + Projector = awesome!

So far this year, I’ve been in vacation mode. Much needed.

I’ve continued 10k steps per day. Done yoga each day.

And, I’ve watched three movies.

The Shift
La Vie En Rose
I’ve always gone to movies and theatre on a regular basis.

Thanks to the economic downturn, I think I only went to two movies all last year.

And we canceled our Netflix membership.

And I’ve worked quite a bit.

My entertainment, along with a bit of local theatre, was basic cable — and of course all the stuff online. I’ve spent much of my free time, since that amazing Iowa primary in January of ’08 — watching political squabbles on cable.

But I got inspired the other day, listening to Here and Now on NPR while delivering Coffee News.

Ty Burr shared his list of 10 best films of the decade. I’ve seen a few of them, but there are a lot on the list I want to see. On his website, his list includes 33 of the best films of the decade.

So I rejoined Netflix and filled the queues (the DVD and instant play)

Now, with the instant play feature, it’s awesome. I hooked my laptop to my projector and speakers and voila — movies on the big screen with big sound — and the supply is unlimited.

Will I have to ignore the fascinating political squabbles in order to use that time to watch a few good films?

Not really. It only takes a car radio and few minutes of reading a day — not two hours of repetition on cable — to keep with the news.