my new favorite toy — the juicer


I’ve seen people do it. I never thought I would like it. I like eating vegetables. But seeing the juice made me say to myself, “no thanks.”

veggies that entered the juicer

And then I had a conversation with my friend, Steve Dulin, who has had, over the years, this uncanny ability to share things with me that make a huge difference in my life. He explained it to me like I’ve never had it explained before:

“It’s a megadose of nutrition,” he said. “And it’s transformed my health. There’s no way I could eat 10 or 12 carrots in the morning.”

So a few days ago, I was in Lowe’s, getting a screw, a hinge, and some glue — and I walked out with a juicer.

It’s awesome.

The juice tastes excellent, makes me feel great, and definitely curbs by expansive appetite.

It’s also a fun toy — putting the carrots and celery in the top and watching the juice come out.

I’ve had other favorite toys that held for me a certain fascination. A bicycle. A tennis racket. A tennis racket stringing machine. A Chatsford teapot. A chainsaw. A French Press. Apple II Plus. Mac. Palm III. Treo. iPhone. The first time I had a computer with a hard drive instead of a floppy drive was amazing. Even, I admit (many years ago), I loved a bong. This juicer may be in that top tier category.

the juice that came out of the juicer

In three days, I’ve had a few mishaps. Once, I put in too much ginger. Another time, I used okra. I love okra, but I’m not convinced it’s meant to be juiced.

This morning, I made a whopping three glasses of juice, which Alicia and I shared (see pictures).

This afternoon, I made a single glass for myself: 10 carrots and 2 tomatoes.

Three days does not a lifestyle make — but I gotta say I’m loving this.