A one-two punch for women on the City Council

Here in the Salisbury City Council election, two women led the field.

It’s not new for one woman to be on the council, or even to get the most votes.  The current mayor,  Susan Kluttz, has served as mayor for a number of years and has just gotten the most votes again.

The previous mayor, Margaret Kluttz, is also a woman.

Pam Hilton was on the City Council for several years.

I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time more than one woman has run for the Salisbury City Council, and I’m almost positive this will be the first time in history that there will be two women on the council — rather than that singular woman’s voice with four men.

This observation is based on zero research — so if my memory is off, so be it.

I remember my mother (many years ago, when I was a child) working quite hard for Karen Young — trying to help her get elected.  Mom was frustrated that Karen’s womanhood was such an obstacle, while her qualifications and abilities were, well, superior.  I’m pretty sure she was the first woman on City Council.

My memory may be off a bit — but I think Mrs. Young fell short a couple times, and eventually got appointed by Mayor Paul Bernhardt when a seat opened due to retirement or death.

Mrs. Young may have won a re-election campaign.  I can’t remember.

But the fact that two women, Susan Kluttz and Maggie Blackwell, beat 11 men in a field of 13 candidates — by a significant margin — seems…well…significant.