Ten Minute Plays

A collection of ten minute plays. Also known as 10 minute plays, 10-minute plays, and ten-minute plays.An Actors Dozen

If you like hard copy in the form of a real, old-fashioned book, 13 of these plays are collected here.

Vassal…Vegetable, Who Am I?, Grocery List, and Ignition Switch have recurring characters. They each stand alone, but if performed as a group, there’s a nice little aha moment in the middle of each play — when the audience notices the characters from the play before. If my math is correct, this requires five actors. They should play in this order:

1. Vassal…Vegetable

2. Who Am I?

3. Grocery List

4. Ignition Switch

If you only do three, with four actors, skip Vassal…Vegetable.  The aha moment is better with the other three.

These are just ten minute plays. No connection to each other or anything at all.

Love Poem


Yes, Virginia

In the Ductwork

Painting Dylan

Nine Hits

In the Waiting Room


Panic Attack


Easy Credit

How do you solve a Problem Like Maria?

Selling Shoes

Nines, Nines, and More Nines

Christmas Preliminaries

Think Tank

A New Normal

Nice Name for a Sky

The Rock Knows

They’re called tweets, President Mubarak

Poor Jud is Daid 

Yard Sale

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