Coffee News Sitcom

We had a lot of fun making this sticom. It ran for a couple of weeks on leased access TV in Rowan, Cabarrus, Stanley, and Montgomery Counties, in North Carolina.  We did it all very cheap.  Shot the show in two days and had big plans to make more.  Alas, we need a sponsor and didn’t get one — so episode one is the only episode.  Maybe, one of these days, we’ll make more (perhaps 5 minute shows for online viewing).

It’s a spin-off of Coffee Therapy, about Darnell Shacklebee, now the publisher of Coffee News, a weekly paper. Unlike the film, there’s nothing serious here.  In the first episode, he’s having a bad time selling ads, so he goes to a psychic. She sends him on a hunt for the perfect object that will change his luck.

Meanwhile, his wife takes calls about the missing “little man.” The little man is a weekly game, wherein a tiny little Coffee News Guy is hidden in an ad. But there’s a mistake in this week’s paper.

The show is 22 minutes long.  At the time YouTube had a 10 minute limit for videos, so was originally divided into four parts. It also aired on TV, believe it or not. It wasn’t public access, but pretty close to it 🙂

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